15 Awesome Reasons to Visit Seville You Cannot Miss


Seville is joy, color and culture. And I have influential reasons to say this.

It is a city of contrasts. Ancient, almost 3000 years of history mix, from the Phoenicians to the current Sevillians, including the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians. An incredible mix, which makes it unique.

Seville is an unforgettable destination for the senses, Seville is historical and modern.

Seville is unique by day and magical by night. Seville is an appointment which you cannot miss. We tell you the whys:

15 reasons to visit Seville you cannot miss:

  1. Seville is one of the most beautiful European cities, and in the entire the world. And we don’t say that because we were born here, but because millions of visitors say that every year.
  2. Its historical old town center is the largest in Spain and the third in Europe. Its Cathedral is World Heritage.
  3. It has the only sailable river port of Spain. Since the Greco-Roman era, the port of Seville stood out for its commercial importance. If you go to the Muelle de las Delicias, you will see many large cruise ships docked in the port.
  4. Through the Arco de la Macarena you will see one of the greatest monuments of Seville, the Hospital de las Cinco Llagas,current seat of the Andalusian Parliament.
  5. There is a Palace where you can lose yourself in a maze… El Alcázar, the oldest palace in use of Europe. In it, the mix of cultures is materialized in objects and amazing places.
  6. La Giralda, will make you feel transported to faraway times when she looks at you. She is watching you from above while you get lost on the surrounding streets.
  7. You can enjoy a water park in the heart of the city: Isla Mágica. This very popular theme park in the city has many attractions and fantastic musical performances. The best one of all: the Free Fall of 68 meters that provides a spectacular view of the city for a few seconds. Not suitable for people with vertigo (and neither is the video, lol).
  8. Visit the most filmed Spanish monument, La Plaza de España. Not even George Lucas himself could resist the charm of this powerful architectural place and filmed Princess Amidala walking by it for Star Wars. There are thousands of hidden stories between its tiles. An amazing place that you should not miss.
  9. Savor the most amazing Mediterranean food, so much that you will want to learn how to cook it for yourself. For that we have created our Spanish & Cooking Workshop, in which you will make beautiful dishes as you learn Spanish, practicing since the first moment. You’ll have fun and enjoy cooking Andalusian cuisine on your own. The best part: when you return home, you can invite your friends and you will feel like a King. In addition, you will notice that there are many Andalusian dishes that are super easy to make, and they are healthy and delicious as well.
  10. You will get lost in La Judería, the old quarter where Jewish people lived. This place is magic. Anyone who has walked its streets can attest to my words.
  11. You will see a live replica of an old Parisian bridge, the famous Puente de Triana. Yes, this is true. The famous Puente de Triana in Seville is an improved replica of a Parisian bridge designed by Polonceau. Not for nothing they say that Seville and Paris are similar cities… And this is one of the reasons. If you want to know more about this incredible story (that many Sevillians don’t know (!) you can take a look here, a website about Triana.)
  12. The magical charm of the Parque de María Luisa awaits you, between myths and legends, and sculptures that look at you going by and beautiful swans.
  13. This city has a true architectural gem of Mudéjar and Renaissance style, the Casa Pilatos. A Palace, owned by the Dukes of Medinaceli, where you see the 24 busts of emperors and Roman notables from Itálica, another reason to come here.
  14. You will find out about the true story of the Torre del Oro, which I will not say here, because it is better that you come here and enjoy it for yourself.
  15. You can practice Spanish with Spanish by Doing, the place where we teach you in an unforgettable way. Of course! Coming to Seville to meet us is one of the best reasons you can findJ.

So now you know: Don’t think twice and come visit us. Please don’t forget to say hello, you know how you can find us.

And if you’re in Seville, you can’t forget to visit every place on this list.

What about you? Do you know somewhere that is not on the list so we can add it? Let us know in the comments!

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Somos Alicia Duarte y Nuria Camacho, profesoras de español para extranjeros y apasionadas por la enseñanza. Nos encanta ayudar a personas interesadas en aprender español y guiarlos hacia sus objetivos.

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