Great songs to learn Spanish fun and free

Great Songsto learn Spanish

To learn Spanish using songs you must consider your level of Spanish. Choosing a very difficult song can get frustrating quickly, making you abandon your goal.

There are many singers who use simple sentences. Thus you can learn vocabulary and make you realize that you can understand a topic in Spanish, if the level is appropriate. There are many singers, for example x: which have very simple songs that are easy to start with Spanish and sing along. It will be fun and enjoyable.

This resource is readily available and I have to say that few people it use it. But I have to tell you something very important: based on my own experience, taking into account all students of Spanish I’ve known (hundreds of them), I’ve seen that people who sing in Spanish, memorized the lyrics, have studied them and then have practiced singing along to their favorite singer (even in the shower lol), those people have an above average level of pronunciation. And this leads me to think that the method does work. That indeed you can learn and improve your Spanish (or any language) through the music.

Music moves your emotions; and the emotions are an essential component in stimulating learning of languages. Everything that can stimulate your emotions makes something easy to remember. Do you see where I’m going?

And so you don’t get lost, if you really want to try it, here you have a list and a guide to practice Spanish through songs:

Limón y Sal de Julieta Venegas, nivel A1: presente de Indicativo de verbos irregulares. Contraste ir/venir

Me gustas tú de Manu Chau,  nivel A1: el tema por excelencia que usan todos los profes de español para enseñar el verbo GUSTAR.

Pedro Navaja de Rubén Blades, nivel A1/A2: vocabulario de vestidos y descripciones físicas, particularidades fonéticas ( pérdida de consonantes).

Clandestino de Manu Chau, nivel A1/A2: vocabulario básico, nacionalidades.

Así estoy yo sin ti de Joaquin Sabina, nivel A2: ser y estar y comparativas

Bonito de Jarabe de palo, nivel A2: Vocabulario básico, el verbo pareces, Qué exclamativo, Que conjunción.

Flaca de Andrés Calamaro, nivel A2: La negación.

Ella de Bebé , nivel B1:  IR A +infinitivo y pretérito perfecto compuesto de indicativo, particularidades fonéticas del andaluz.

Depende de Jarabe de Palo, nivel B1:  conjunción que + indicativo y subjuntivo, particularidades fonéticas ( pérdida de -d final), verbo con preposición.

Hijo de la Luna de Mecano nivel B1: pasados e imperativos

Ojalá de  Silvio Rodriguez, nivel B1/B2: El Subjuntivo.

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Somos Alicia Duarte y Nuria Camacho, profesoras de español para extranjeros y apasionadas por la enseñanza. Nos encanta ayudar a personas interesadas en aprender español y guiarlos hacia sus objetivos.

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