The Key to Learning Spanish Using Music or Television Tricks


We think of the communication channels when there is the mention of communication. They might include news, gossip, entertainment, promotional news, education, etc. Their distribution is through narrowcasting and broadcasting, e.g. television, radio, telephone, internet, etc… But then, what about learning Spanish? 

Depending on what kind of learning method you use in studying Spanish, you might yet need to enhance your efforts by applying more methods of learning the language quicker and easier. While traditional ways of understanding Spanish guarantees you to communicate widely throughout, there are some exceptional ways to assist speed you down the path to learning Spanish fluently.

Best Ways of Studying Spanish

An individual may consider applying a collection of various materials in combination with their language studying program. They may include an audio-visual course, a bilingual dictionary to assist with capturing new vocabulary, listening to Spanish music and watching Spanish television programs. In addition reading local newspapers, books and magazines in the language may also help. They all tend to improve your language learning at your free time – both at home and at work.

The Secret of Learning Spanish Using Music

Music is amongst the best method of improving one’s listening comprehension skills in every new language – Spanish not an exception. Therefore an individual can learn Spanish with music quickly and effectively at its own pace. Karaoke is not just fun but real in developing both listening comprehension and pronunciation skills.

Who does not love music? It is the global language for beneficial reasons. Sharing of music between people is the beginning of a friendly conversation. Learners can let music become their beginning for understanding Spanish. The internet has various online sites where one can find lyrics, songs, and musical products for improving their learning. There are many categories on which to choose from depending on your choice.

Popular Children’s Spanish Music

Listening to children’s traditional or entertainment music is amongst the best methods of studying Spanish as a beginner. They have been long enough to endure the test of time. Therefore, they have become popular as generation after generation children enjoy the music. The vocabulary is basic, memorable, simple and short sentences. The recognition of the tune is as well worldwide.

Educational Music

Artists are creative. There are kinds of Spanish music with a touch of teaching particular things in the language. For example, music that educates about numerical, shades, animals – things that occur in our everyday activities. The music mimics famous tunes or a new composition for a particular teaching. Popular recording artists create this kind of educational program for all levels of learners.

Cultural Spanish Music

Spanish music has a diverse and outstanding history because of its origin from different cultural inheritance that gives it an enduring impression on its culture in Spain. The music comprises of current performances and includes rock music, jazz, reggae pop, etc. The trick of learning Spanish using this kind of music is you listen to what like. You will enjoy listening until you recite the words in line with their meanings. Examples of cultural Spanish music include The Cobla, Jota, The Gipsy Kings, etc. Spanish Holiday Music

Spanish Holiday Music

Spanish music changes with its surrounding, and you can experience it all year round. Whether celebrating Christmas, New Year, Hanukah, etc. music will always be around. Learning Spanish music is a dynamic method to bring together families and friends through singing the message-filled lyrics of the song. It becomes easy to understand the meaning of the words because of the repeated singing and enquiring from the locals.

Classical Music

The quality of classical Spanish music is easy that a casual laid-back listener enjoys listening to the superb diction, beauty, and pronunciation of the words in the music. It is easy to learn Spanish using classical music because they are clearly available in CDs, internet, and local Spanish radio stations. They are art songs whose composition is by Spanish speaking artists of the historical eras. It is not a doubt that everybody on earth should at least know two or more Spanish classical music!

The Key of Learning Spanish Using Television

An additional aid of studying conversational Spanish expressions and idioms is watching Spanish television and movies every day. The practice of imitating is helpful in quickly increasing an individual’s language fluency. The trick is selecting and watching an individual in a TV video, movie or program. Saying the sentences out aloud, and word by word makes it better in using the method.

Watching Spanish programs aids in matching the precise rhythm, pitch, flow and speed of the person you are imitating. Not only do you watch their speech and mouth organs moving, but also their body language and facial expressions. Allow the television help you in brushing up on the little things that were not in your Spanish learning course program.

With satellite and cable broadcasting becoming popular all over the universe, more international shows are available for the whole population. In fact, there are Spanish channels and networks recordings in some countries across the public air waves. Some basics helps a learner use the television as an essential way of learning Spanish using television tricks.

Using Subtitles

Start by using the English subtitles and change to Spanish as you progress in your learning. It will enable a student to listen and read the language simultaneously. It helps in noticing new expressions and vocabulary as well as figuring out the on-goings. Watching novelas with closed captions is the best way to learn urban Spanish in an effective manner.

Watching Online TV

Watching online television is a preference when attempting to learn a new language. An individual is in a position of pausing or rewinding when they become stuck in a sentence, or even having a break for a snack, quick dash to the private room, answering a phone, etc. Examples of online Spanish TV include Web Spanish and Spanish Dict. Repetition is an answer to learning Spanish.

Switching to Normal TV

Live television will become valuable to a learner eventually. It results in forcing them to listen and watching without subtitles, or pausing and rewinding functions. It keeps them in performing their best by keeping up with the conversations and actions.

Even if a person watches a particular program ten times, they should not be stressful trying to recite everything they hear. Choose the phrases you need for the particular time and record them somewhere. Do not overload yourself with an endless list that you possibly will not remember.

Do not freak if you do not comprehend every word. Nobody is perfect especially if you are a beginner in learning Spanish. Do not watch anything that has complex and difficult words e.g. a local real life drama where they use slang and in-depth Spanish dialect.

Learning Spanish using the above available methods are by no means the most interesting. It saves on your budget, keeps you close to your family and friends, but most of all; offers you the best and reliable Spanish you can apply wherever you visit.


About the author: Eldon Mirjah is the creator of Gritty Spanish, which is a series of urban stories in Spanish voice acted by Gritty Latinos with different accent. Gritty Spanish includes pdf documents of each story in English and Spanish. It is a product that is designed to help improve your Spanish listening and reading comprehension.

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